12 Year Molars Not Coming In Until Age 15 – Why?

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Six year molars are the first molars that appear in a child’s mouth. They are sometimes known as “extra” teeth because they do not replace a primary tooth. When a child turns 12, their 12 year molars should come in. These 12 year molars erupt on the top and bottom rows on both sides in the back of the mouth.

If you noticed that your child’s 12 year molars did not come in until they were 15, you may be concerned. It’s important to take your teenager to our office so that one of our dentists can carefully evaluate their mouth with a thorough exam and x-ray imaging.

Sometimes, teens have dental ankylosis, which occurs when the baby teeth have fused to the bone. This condition prevents the primary tooth from coming in. Also, some teens don’t have a permanent tooth so there is nothing pushing on the root of the primary teeth. Other reasons your child’s 12 year molars erupt late are obstructions, trauma, or a misalignment of the permanent teeth.

Regardless of your child’s situation, you can depend on our team to uncover the cause of their delayed 12 year molars and design a customized treatment plan that is right for their particular needs. We will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and may suggest an extraction or implant. As our orthodontist friend in Raleigh, NC Jason Gladwell likes to say, “a proper treatment plan can resolve almost all concerns.”

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