Can 6 Year Molars Cause Vomiting?

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When your child turns 6 years old, they will reach an important milestone. They will be in the 6 year molar phase where their permanent teeth begin to come in. While you’re child is going through this transition, you may find that they face the same symptoms they did when they were a teething baby.

Irritability, mild fever, drooling, ear pain, and sucking are examples of some of these symptoms. Fortunately, these symptoms can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen. Cool foods such as frozen grapes, refrigerated carrots, and smoothies can help as well.

If you notice that your child is demonstrating more serious symptoms such as vomiting, they may be dealing with another issue. It’s a good idea to take your child to their pediatrician so that they can perform some tests and determine whether your child has the common cold, fever, or another condition.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that when a child’s 6 year molars came in, they may be more prone to bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses. This may be why your child experiences more serious symptoms like vomiting while they are in the 6 year molar phase.

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