6 Year Molars Causing Runny Nose and Sore Throat – Is This a Problem?

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When your child is around 6 years old, they will begin to lose their primary teeth to make way for their permanent adult teeth and receive their 6 year molars. This transition will continue until your child is around age 12 or 13.

You may notice that your child experiences some uncomfortable symptoms while they are in the 6 year molar phase. These symptoms may be similar to the ones they faced when they were teething.

Two of these symptoms may be runny nose and sore throat. Understand that these are normal reactions for children who are getting their first adult molars. Although it may be difficult to watch your struggle with these symptoms, know that they are only temporarily and there are things you can do to help.

You can start by giving your child some cold medicine and encouraging them to rest. If you notice that their runny nose and sore throat do not improve after a few days, it’s best to take them to the pediatrician. The pediatrician can evaluate their condition and inform you whether their symptoms are the result of the 6 year old molars erupting or the common cold, an ear infection, or another condition.

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If you’re concerned about your child’s 6 year molars causing a runny nose or sore throat, we encourage you to bring them to our office. Our dentists will let you know whether they are okay or need to see a pediatrician.