6 Year Molars Coming in at Age 5 – Why Is This the Case?

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Wide, strong teeth at the back of the mouth are known as molars. They make it possible for us to grind up our food so that it’s easy to swallow. Molars are considered the strongest teeth in the mouth. Let’s take a closer look at when they erupt.

Premolars initially appear as baby teeth when a child is between 13 and 19 months. When a child turns 6 years old, they usually develop their first molars. These 6 year molars are permanent teeth and typically erupt until a child is 13 or 13.

If you notice your child’s first molars erupting at age 5, you may be concerned and unsure of whether this is normal. Simply bring them into our office so that we can conduct a thorough evaluation and make sure there are no dental issues.

What you believe are your child’s 6 year molars may actually be tooth abscess. Tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that occurs because of a bacterial infection. This condition can lead to red, swollen gums and severe pain, especially when your child chews. It can also cause a bad taste in your child’s mouth and/or swell up their jaw. Since tooth abscess can spread easily, if your child has this condition, it should be treated right away.

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