6 Year Molars and Ear Pain – What is the Cause?

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When your child turns about 6 years old, their 6 year old molars will erupt. When this happens, they may experience several uncomfortable symptoms including headaches, cheek biting, jaw pain, and ear pain. These 6 year old molars are your child’s “first molars” and will help all of their adult teeth align in their mouth.

Ear pain is one of the most difficult symptoms for children in the 6 year molar phase. Since their jaw will likely ache as their molars erupt, the pain may radiate to the ears. If your child is experiencing ear pain, know that this is likely only temporary and can be relieved through a variety of measures. Here at Costa Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend the following tips for children who in the 6 year molar stage and would like to find relief:

Take Over-the-Counter Pain Medications: Over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen can do wonders for your child’s molar related ear pain.
Eat Cold Foods: Cold foods such as a cold apple, frozen bananas or berries, or a smoothie can help your child feel better.

In the event your child’s ear pain persists, you should schedule an appointment at our office. Our dentists will evaluate your child’s mouth and inform you whether they need to visit a pediatrician.

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