6 Year Molars – The First Adult Permanent Teeth

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Cutting teeth can be an obstacle for parents of children. It is a time during when children may experience pain and discomfort while teething takes place. Typically, the front teeth are often the most sensitive when cutting the gums but molars are likely to cause pain as well. The level of pain a child may experience is dependent on their pain tolerance, some children may experience more pain than others.

Most importantly, the molars that are likely to cause pain in children between the ages of 6 and 7 are the first permanent molars, “six-year molars.” These are the first set of adult permanent teeth to hold place in the jaw. These permanent teeth determine the shape of the lower face and contribute to the position and health of all other permanent teeth in the mouth.

Symptoms and Solutions

Likely symptoms that children may experience when “six-year molars” begin to erupt are soreness of gums, redness and difficulty eating. Changing your child’s diet can contribute to care and treatment, such as switching from solid to liquid foods. Try implementing softened frozen fruits in your child’s diet that will not cause large amounts of irritation to the gums. Ultimately, it is best to select foods that can offset the pressure of a tooth erupting. A good solution for molar eruption pain can be as simple as a chilled carrot. The cool temperature and hardness of the carrot can soothe the irritation of the gums. Ibuprofen and cool water can may also serve as a solution to any oral discomfort.

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Practicing Healthy Oral Habits

Additionally, taking proper care of your child’s “six-year molars” can contribute to the overall well being of their oral wellness. These molars have a large surface area and are more difficult to reach when brushing. As a result, this can increase the likelihood of plaque build-up resulting in dental caries.

When the development of the “six-year molars” begins and cutting of the gums takes place, it is important to consult with a dentist for questions about treatment and immediate care to ensure permanent molars are erupting correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to 6 Year Molars

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