What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

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Dental implants have been used and proven to be successful for several decades. A “dental implant” is an artificial tooth that is made up of a titanium screw that serves as an artificial tooth root. An abutment is connected to the screw and a crown, which serves as the replacement tooth is customized to match your natural teeth. Together, these pieces make up the entire “dental implant.” Implants can be used for teeth in both the upper and lower jaw.

The benefits

Patients of all ages have chosen dental implants to restore their smiles. Implants are a wonderful treatment choice in the sense that they provide you with options. Whether your options are that you may need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or secure partial or full dentures. Dental implants can do all this!

Additionally, implants are aesthetically pleasing because the crown is specifically customized to match shape and color to your preference. They enable chewing and allow you to eat foods without limitation, whereas a denture can keep you from eating gooey, sticky substances.

More importantly implants provide:
· Little to no discomfort to the patient once the site has healed
· Rapid healing, the implants attaches sufficiently to the bone
· Long-term effectiveness in stabilization of crowns, bridges and dentures
· Bone and appearance preservation
· An environment that is not subject to tooth decay


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