Will BioClear Fix the Black Triangle in My Front Teeth?

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Have you noticed a black space between your teeth that looks like a triangle? If so, you may be frustrated and unsure of what’s going on with your teeth. You may wonder whether your teeth are separating, thinning, or shrinking. Let’s take a closer look at what causes black triangles and how they may be resolved.

Black triangles are usually the result of gum recession. If you’ve had gum disease, brush too frequently, or brush too hard, your gums may have started to recede. The gum in between your teeth follows along the shape of your bone and if you begin to lose that bone, your gums will naturally recede. This is the reason your triangle was likely unnoticeable at first but became more obvious as you lost more bone.

The good news is that there is a non-invasive, cosmetic treatment that can fix black triangles and restore your confidence. Here at Costa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend BioClear. Invented in 2007, BioClear involves using a set of plastic matrices and semi-liquid, tooth colored composite to strengthen natural teeth while improving their appearance. It is more conservative and affordable than popular restorative treatments such as porcelain veneers and crowns. BioClear can also be completed in one single visit, can easily be repaired if it becomes damaged, and is more durable than traditional dental bonding.

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