Canker Sore Toothpaste – What is the Best?

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Also known as aphthous ulcers, canker sores are small shallow lesions that form on the soft tissues of your mouth or at the base of your gums. They differ from cold sores because they aren’t contagious and don’t appear on the surface of the lips. Canker sores can be very painful and make it a challenge to eat and speak.

The majority of canker sores are oval or round and feature a white or yellow middle and red border. They develop inside of your mouth, usually on or under your tongue, at the base of your gums, or inside your cheeks or lips. Before you actually see the canker sores, you may experience a tingling or burning sensation.

Although anyone can develop canker sores, they usually occur in teens and females. When it comes to canker sore prevention, many dentists recommend canker sore toothpaste. Canker toothpaste does not contain a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which has been found to bring about canker sores in people who are prone to them.

We recommend a variety of canker sore toothpastes including:

Rembrandt C: Rembrandt C was specifically formulated for canker sore prevention. It uses sodium fluoride instead of SLS.
Tom’s: Tom’s is a toothpaste made out of natural ingredients and the ideal option for those who get canker sores often.
Biotene: While Biotene is designed for dry mouth sufferers, it’s also free of SLS and a good choice for canker sore prevention.
Sensodyne Iso-Active: Sensodyne Iso-Active is a foam-based toothpaste that contain absolutely no SLS and can help anyone reduce their risk of canker sores.

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