Celebrate March’s Dental Holidays With Us!

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With National Dentist’s Day on March 6 and Dental Assistants Recognition Week from March 5th to March 11th, Costa Dentistry wants to take a moment to recognize our team. Our dental team depends on the work of our dentists and assistants so you get the high-quality dental care you and your family need. Learn more about our practice

Costa Dentistry Honor its Dentist and Dental Assistants 

Dentists at Costa Dentistry provide the expertise needed to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases. They observe the growth of your teeth and jaws and perform surgical treatments like tooth extractions and root canals to keep your mouth and body as healthy as possible. 

Costa Dentistry’s team of talented dentists have years of expertise and experience, and they consistently provide excellent dental care in Great Falls and Ashburn, Virginia. Our dentists prioritize your comfort during all visits and procedures. Check our Smile Gallery for Costa Dentistry’s proven results.  

Just like dentists, our dental assistants also keep your smile healthier by providing essential supportive dental care. Dental assistants listen to patients and provide comfort. They keep patient visits running smoothly by offering an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands where needed. And, they support the rest of our dental team and practice by performing infection control tasks. 

Whether you’re interested in hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative procedures, you can trust our dentists and dental assistants to provide top-notch care. 

Tend to Your Smile with Costa Dentistry

We hope you enjoy March by focusing on your oral health goals. No matter the dental care needed, our dentist, dental assistants, and our staff are here for you and ready to support your smile! Schedule an appointment today!