Are Dental Implants Safe?

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For a century now, dental implants have developed a reputation for success and safety. Dental implants are typically made up of titanium and have an oxide layer to help fight corrosion. The titanium alloy in these implants contributes towards their long-lasting durability.


Just like any surgical procedure, there are possible complications that can occur. Although, any problems with an implant that may occur are usually minor and fixable. However, if you do choose to get dental implants you should be aware of some possible complications and risk factors that can occur:

  • Infection
  • Damage to teeth, blood vessels, or nerves in the surgical area
  • Rejection of the implant
  • Sinus complications
  • Potential allergic reactions
  • Corrosion, when a titanium implant degrades and wears down

A good rule of thumb is to consult with a dentist that you trust and has a heavy amount of experience with implant surgery. The more experienced the doctor, the less likely these complications are likely to occur.

Good Candidates for implants:

Patients of all ages are capable of receiving dental implants. Additionally, those that are in good health and have healthy gums with adequate bone support are the best candidates for implants. Individuals who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes and leukemia have the potential to experience slow healing after implant surgery, making implants to be not a good option for treatment.

Tobacco treatment can also slow the healing process after implant surgery. Consult with a dentist if you have further questions regarding your health and implant surgery. If your dentist does recommend implants, keeping up with your oral hygiene and regular dental visits are essential success in order to ensure the least amount of implant complications.

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