Will Eating Acidic Foods Permanently Damage My Teeth?

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Acidic foods and beverages such as oranges, pineapples, apple juice, yogurt, cottage cheese, and certain types of meats are tasty. However, the acid in them can be harmful to your teeth and lead to decay, discoloration, and sensitivity.

The good news, however, is that you can reduce the damage acidic foods and beverages bring to your teeth by being mindful about how you consume them. Here are some tips to help you out:

Eat a Higher pH Food Alongside

When you are consuming an acidic food, you should eat a higher pH food with it so that you can lower the acidity. Foods that are high in pH include brown rice, bananas, oatmeal, veggies, and nuts.

Save Acidic Foods for Meals

Rather than eating acidic snacks, save acidic foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This way, you can minimize their contact with your teeth and aid in neutralizing the acid.

Wash With Water

While you’re eating an acidic food, sip water alongside or after to wash the acidity out of your mouth.

Use a Straw

By using a straw, you’ll be able to finish an acidic drink quickly and reduce its contact with your teeth.

Wait Before to Brushing

Since acid softens your enamel, it’s best to wait at least a half hour before you brush your teeth.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

If you chew sugar free gum, you’ll be able to raise the flow of saliva, neutralize the acid, and assist in strengthening your teeth.

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