If a Front Tooth is Loose, Will a Dentist Suggest to Pull It?

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If you have a loose adult tooth, remain calm and know that this is a common occurrence. It is often the result of a sports injury, gum disease, or tooth grinding. Here at Costa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend you refrain from wiggling the loose tooth around as doing so can worsen the problem.

You should also avoid chewing and biting on the tooth to prevent loosening the tooth even more. We discourage pulling the loose tooth because you may harm the tissue and end up with an infection. Rather than pulling your loose tooth, call our office as soon as possible. We’ll perform a comprehensive exam to determine the problem. Once we figure out the diagnosis, we’ll recommend the ideal treatment.

We may attach a splint to the surface of the tooth to stabilize it. This is typically an option if the cause of the loose tooth is stretched periodontal ligaments as the splint can heal and tighten the ligaments within a few weeks.

In the event teeth grinding is the cause of the loose front tooth, a night guard may be a good option. It can be worn while sleeping and prevent teeth grinding from causing further injury. If there is gum disease present, a deep cleaning to remove pockets of bacteria and infection will likely be necessary.

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