Is Glo Better Than Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Professional teeth whitening is more popular today than ever before. Adults from all walks of life are interested in achieving brighter smiles that improve their self-confidence and help them feel their very best.

If you’ve researched professional teeth whitening, you have likely heard of two of the most common options: Glo and Zoom. Both of these teeth whitening solutions are available at dental offices throughout the country and guarantee that patients can whiten their teeth in a safe and efficient way.

The Zoom system provides noticeable results after one, 45-minute treatment. It lightens teeth up to eight shades and creates minimal tooth sensitivity. Glo teeth whitening uses an LED light, special GLO heat, and a super strength gel to accelerate the whitening process. It has been proven to whiten teeth by up to five shades and cause absolutely no tooth sensitivity. The Glo device can be used in the future if a touch up is necessary.

While every patient has unique needs and preferences, we have found that many of our patients prefer Glo over Zoom because of its ability to whiten teeth without causing sensitivity. It’s simply the more comfortable way to achieve a brighter smile. In about two hours, it can provide you with the smile of your dreams.

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