Oral Health Advantages: Chewing Gum

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Sugarless chewing gum can improve your smile as it can be beneficial for your teeth. However, because of the risk associated with TMJ disorders and other joint pain in your jaw, it should be avoided if chewing causes you pain. Due to the fact that teeth can be extra sensitive while eating, alternative treatments for cleaning your mouth when brushing may not be the best idea of the time. Thus, chewing gum should be used as a substitute.

Did you know that studies have been done to show that chewing gum is actually beneficial for your smile because of its ability to help fight cavities? If you chew gum for up to 20 minutes after a meal, you will produce enough saliva to make a significant impact on the amount of debris and harmful acids in your mouth. This is because saliva is essential for your oral health care.

Saliva is naturally produced in your mouth and can help neutralize acids and wash away food debris. It’s actually the production of saliva that makes the difference, not any kind of ingredients in chewing gum.

Furthermore, use chewing gum to help treat heartburn. This is because chewing gum helps to produce additional saliva which can neutralize the acids that travel up your esophagus and onto your teeth.

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