Should My Child Get a Palate Expander Before Their 6 Year Molars Come In?

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What is a Palate Expander?

Growing into adulthood some share stories of the orthodontic treatment that was given to them in their earlier years. With this, may spring the stories of a “palate expander.” You either know what this is because you have personally experienced life with a palate expander or you may have no idea what this is. A “palate expander” is an appliance used by a dental professional to widen the palate, the roof of the mouth.

Why should my child get a palate expander?

Reasons for a palate expander may be to correct three possible scenarios.

Crossbite— For when a child’s upper jaw, palate is too narrow to create a normal bite with the lower jaw
Overcrowding in the mouth—A professional is able to tell before all of a child’s permanent teeth have grown in if there will be enough space for them in the mouth
Difficulty breathing ability in a patient— For children that may have a more narrow or deep jaw it can be difficult to breath properly

Deciding what is right for your child and when

If your child seems to suffer from a crossbite, overcrowding or difficulty breathing it is important to note that these scenarios can be corrected by expanding the upper jaw with a palate expander.

The status of your child’s upper jaw directly determines the placement time of a palate expander. However, upper jaw expansion is most successful in younger children and young teens. Crossbite expansion is preferred to treat patients from five years old and below.

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