Do I Need a Root Canal if There is No Pain?

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The purpose of a root canal is to remove diseased pulp tissue from the inside of a tooth. It is typically performed when the tooth cannot be filled or restored in any other way because its has become infected.

The most common sign that you need a root canal is significant pain on the affected tooth. However, you may also need one if you experience symptoms such as facial swelling, lingering pain and sensitivity, a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away, and dental abscess.

If you get a root canal, it will prolong the life of your tooth by getting rid of the nerve tissue and contents inside it that may cause infection or painful symptoms. Once the tooth is cleaned and shaped, it will be able to remain in your mouth and function as normal.

If you are not facing any pain, you may be wondering whether you actually need a root canal. The answer to this question depends on your particular circumstances. Your dentist may believe a root canal is a good option because left untreated, bacteria from the infected tooth can make its way through the roots of the tooth and into the tissue of the jaw and gums. This can lead to painful abscess, which will require immediate treatment.

In the event a dentist does recommend a root canal, you should know that the procedure itself will not be painful. It’s a fairly simple procedure that is performed using sedation dentistry to reduce any feelings of pain and discomfort. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, most root canals can be completed in one or two appointments.

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