Gum Care and Age: How to Navigate Oral Health Through the Years

September is National Gum Care Month, a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy gums during every stage of life. From childhood to adulthood and into the senior years, our gums go through transformations, each with their unique challenges and solutions. Costa Dentistry will help you explore how to adapt our oral health routines as we grow older. Childhood:... read more »

Show Your Gums Some Love and Fight Disease

February isn’t just the month when we celebrate all things love; it’s also Gum Disease Awareness Month. Gum disease is linked to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, diabetes, liver cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Costa Dentistry is here to help you maintain healthy gums, so you don’t lose your pearly whites!  Costa Dentistry Explains Gum Disease Progression Your gums provide... read more »