The Basics: Dental Damage

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Are you making sure you take care of your smile every day, including not only cleaning your teeth and gums but also making sure that you lower your risk of dental damage? Dental damage in the form of physical trauma is often caused due to oral accidents and injuries. Although accidents are just that, accidents, there may be ways to help lower your risk of suffering them. Because of the numerous risks involved with the decisions we make, it’s always a good idea to have a checklist in place to analyze all aspects of your life and what you can do to help minimize the risks involved.

A serious risk involved in many people’s lives includes unhealthy habits that they may have, which can include wearing mouth jewelry, smoking, chewing tobacco or using drugs. If you’re doing anything they could put your smile at risk of dental damage, you need to reassess how your unhealthy habits and eliminate the ones hazardous to your life. Because no good can come from using tobacco or drugs, eliminate these habits from your life. Mouth jewelry can lead to infections, cracked teeth and could pose as a choking hazard, so it’s best to avoid these as well.

Sports are a well-known risk for dental damage. If you are participating in any sports or other similar high-risk activities, make sure your mouth is well protected. Several times in sports, individuals may take blows to the face that can completely shatter their jaw or teeth. However, with the use of safety equipment such as helmets or mouth guards, you will be much better protected. If you’re involved in any activities that can damage your teeth and gums, make sure that you have the necessary safety gear in place.

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