Quitting Alcohol to Improve Oral Health Benefits

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“Dry January” has taken off in recent years and sparked a movement of “Sober Curious” people interested in reducing their use of alcohol. Reducing alcohol use has many benefits for your body, and your mouth is included! Costa Dentistry shares more on why reducing alcohol consumption is a great choice for your teeth.

Why Alcohol Is Bad for Teeth and Gums

Did you know that sugar is the primary food for the harmful bacteria in your mouth? Quickly turning into dental plaque, this multiplying oral bacteria film infects your gums and releases enamel-eroding acid that causes gum disease and tooth decay. Since alcohol is often mixed with sodas and energy drinks high in sugar and acids, it can seriously hurt your teeth and gums. 

While drinking occasionally (just like eating sweets on occasion) won’t damage teeth if you clean well afterward, drinking too much definitely can, as it attacks tooth enamel. 

And while normal healthy saliva levels will neutralize oral acid, it can’t do that if you are downing multiple drinks after another and exposing your pearly whites to corrosive acid attacks.

Of course, most kinds of alcohol are highly acidic on their own, making them harmful to your enamel and even more so if you forget to brush your teeth before bed after indulging in a night of drinking. 

Chronic drinking is the second biggest risk factor for oral cancer. Chronic alcohol consumption leads to oral cancer of the lips, cheeks, tongue, and sinuses. Routine dental checkups permit our dentist to perform an oral cancer screening that allows us to spot this insidious disease in its early stages.

Healthy Resolutions with Costa Dentistry 

When it comes to your oral and general health, taking good care of your teeth can make all the difference to your quality of life. 

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