Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy After Baby Arrives

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In the first year after having a baby, or babies, many new parents struggle to maintain all aspects of their health – especially teeth. A cavity can form in as little as six months. The doctors at Costa Dentistry have tips for keeping your teeth healthy after the baby arrives.

How to Maintain Oral Health After Having a Baby

  1. Schedule Cleanings and Keep Your Appointment
    It can be emotionally difficult to leave your new infant and finding childcare is an obstacle, but it’s vital for new parents to make it to the dentist’s office for a cleaning in the first six months of postpartum. Carrying a child poses risks to your dental health, and it’s important to be checked by your dentist during and after pregnancy. Do everything you can NOT to cancel your appointment!
  2. Multiply Your Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tubes
    Make brushing accessible in every bathroom, in the shower stall, on each level of your home, and in all the places you frequent the most. New parents often require midnight snacks to get through late night bottle feedings which is hard on teeth. Keep a brush or mouthwash by your kitchen sink, since you’ll be standing there washing bottles anyway. Time and energy may be scarce, but don’t let exhaustion and recovery challenges stop you from brushing – just make sure a brush is close to where you might be. 
  3. Build Travel Brushing Kits
    Just as multiplying your toothbrushes helps at home, make travel brushing kits to keep in your car, work bag, gym bag, workplace, babysitter’s house, or any place you travel to frequently. After packing a diaper bag, changing the baby, and feeding everyone, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Throw a toothbrush, paste, travel mouthwash, and a few floss picks into a plastic baggy so that you’re prepared. 
  4. Consider Disposable Toothbrushes 
    The diaper caddy is filled with every type of cream, lotion, and hygiene tool an infant could need. But what is in there for you? Place some disposable toothbrushes in the diaper basket for you to use while the baby coos. Disposable is not ideal for the long term, and you should still brush and floss at least twice daily, but removing barriers to oral hygiene during stressful months is the goal. Bonus: There’s usually a trash can or diaper pail nearby, so you can throw it away before you pick the baby back up. 

At Costa Dentistry, we want to make sure you have a comfortable experience with your oral care, especially postpartum. View our Comfort Menu which includes relaxation tools like warm lemon-scented towels, neck pillows, and stress balls. 

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