Why Do My Top Gums Show When I Smile

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Patients often come to our office and wonder why the top of their gums show when they smile. These patients have a condition called a gummy smile. A gummy smile can take away their self-confidence and prevent them from enjoying the well proportioned, moviestar smile they deserve.

There are a number of different reasons they may have a gummy smile. In many cases, a gummy smile arises because of the teeth have erupted abnormally or the jaw has not developed properly. If the teeth did not erupt normally, they may still be covered by excess gum. The upper jaw may also be more protruding than it should.

Also, some patients teeth are short, especially when compared to the amount of gum they have. In some patients, the issue has nothing to do with the gums and teeth as their gummy smile may be the result of their upper lip. Their upper lip may be hyperactive and pull back too far when they are talking or smiling and lead to the look of a gummy smile.

It’s important to note that since oral hygiene does not cause a gummy smile, this is not a preventable condition. The good news, however, is that a gummy smile can be corrected. If you have a gummy smile, our dentists will determine its root cause and design an appropriate treatment plan. Some of the most common gummy smile treatments we use in our office include:

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