What Do People Do When They Travel With Sleep Apnea?

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If you are living with sleep apnea, you may wonder how you are supposed to travel with the condition. While many people believe they should just leave their continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machine at home, this is far from the truth.

You should pack your CPAP machine in your carry-on luggage rather than you checked luggage. This way, you will have it even if your checked luggage gets misplaced for any reason. In addition, be sure to empty the water from the humidifier before you take off.

If you travel on a regular basis for work or pleasure, consider investing in a travel size CPAP machine. They are smaller and lighter than traditional CPAP machines and can be more comfortable to travel with.

Fortunately, CPAP is well known in the travel industry. If you are traveling by plane, you will be asked to place your CPAP as well as humidifier and electrical cords in a plastic tub. While some airlines put these items through an x-ray, most will quickly inspect them. To simplify the process of going through security, let the staff know that you have a CPAP in advance.

Once you get to your hotel, you may find that the nightstand is packed with items such as a lamp, clock, and phone. If there is no room for your CPAP machine, simply pull out the top drawer of the night stand and place the CPAP there. In the event this is not an option, ask the front desk staff to provide you with a portable stand.

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