Treat Yourself to Invisalign: The Real Time-Commitment and Costs for Adults 

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Have you ever wondered what your smile would look like if your teeth were straighter? If you’re interested in aligning your teeth for cosmetic purposes, you’re not alone! It’s OK to want to invest in improving what everyone notices first about you. Costa Dentistry shares why you should treat yourself to Invisalign, and the real time commitment and cost for adults. 

Invisalign for Adults: What to Expect

As an adult, it can be daunting to think about wearing braces. With Invisalign, you can correct the same issues as braces would with simple, discrete, clear aligners.  

What is Invisalign? 

This orthodontic treatment is comfortable and virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. Our dentists at Costa Dentistry will create a digital treatment plan to outline the tooth movements needed to properly align your teeth. Then we provide a series of aligners that work to move your teeth, making small adjustments with each new aligner set. 

How Long Will the Invisalign Process Take? 

Every patient’s situation and timeline are different, but because Invisalign aligners are comfortable, minimally invasive, and easy to care for, you won’t have to make many lifestyle changes while straightening your smile. Invisalign can work for patients who have had crowns, veneers, and even patients who have previously had braces. Set up an appointment today for a consultation. 

Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

Our team at Costa Dentistry can help you determine the estimated costs and whether your dental insurance provider will cover Invisalign. Costa Dentistry accepts multiple forms of insurance and accepts online payments, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Your smile is worth the investment! View our Smile Gallery to see the amazing results Invisalign can offer! 

What Do I Need to Do to Maintain My Smile After Invisalign?  

Vivera Retainers are used following Invisalign treatment to stop the teeth from gradually shifting back toward their original position. And, Costa Dentistry has a special offer on Vivera Retainers through June 28, 2024! 

If you’re thinking about Invisalign, why not schedule an appointment at our Great Falls, VA location to get more information? Treat yourself to the smile you’ve always dreamed of!