Types of Toothbrushes: Which Kind is Best for Your Teeth?

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Many dentists and patients prefer the ease and cleaning power of an electric toothbrush. But there’s a lot to consider when deciding which to buy! You may be concerned about price point, making an eco-friendly choice, replacement heads, charging, and of course, what’s healthiest for your teeth! Costa Dentistry has recommendations on which types of toothbrushes are best for your teeth.

Dentist Recommendations on Comparing Electric Toothbrushes 

From oscillating heads and vibrating brushes to pressure-sensing toothbrushes, there is a huge variety to choose from.

  • Oscillating: This type of toothbrush features a spinning head that is very effective at removing plaque by brushing it away in a circular motion. 
  • Vibrating: Vibrating, often called Sonic toothbrushes, use rapid vibrations to remove food particles from the mouth, including deep between the teeth. 
  • Combination of Oscillating and Vibrating: Often called dual-action, these toothbrushes combine the rotating and vibration movements that can remove food particles and hard-to-reach plaque. These brushes can often provide a deeper clean for teeth and gums. 
  • Smart and Pressure-sensing Toothbrushes: Sometimes, having real-time brushing data can help motivate a person to brush more completely or effectively. Smart toothbrushes that can sense if you are brushing with too much pressure can help protect your teeth and create awareness, particularly in young children or young adults.
  • All-Ability Toothbrushes: People facing sensory challenges or physical disabilities may benefit from a curved, mouth-shaped brush that will automatically brush their teeth. 

The American Dental Association offers a list of ADA approved powered toothbrushes as a resource. Costa Dentistry has recommendations on hygiene maintenance, including how often to floss and when to schedule a visit with our hygienists. 

Other Toothbrush Options to Consider Include:

  • Disposable, Battery Operated Brushes: A disposable brush may be a great option to test whether you are comfortable with an electric toothbrush. Sometimes, the batteries can be replaced in a disposable toothbrush. When the bristles start to bend, it will be time to replace this brush. 
  • Rechargeable Brushes With Disposable Heads: This type of toothbrush is best for a person who is committed to using an electric toothbrush for the long term. This is a more eco-friendly option as only the head will need to be replaced. Rechargeable toothbrushes are more expensive than disposable brushes, but often last longer. 

The best toothbrush is likely the one that ensures that you will brush your teeth regularly and with thorough, proper form. Costa Dentistry can advise you on what should be the top priority for your mouth, dental hygiene habits, and individual challenges. Schedule your visit today