Can I Get Wisdom Teeth Taken Out as an Adult?

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Here at Costa Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we encourage patients to get their wisdom teeth removed in early adulthood. This is because patients who wait until they are older are at an increased risk of complications associated with wisdom teeth removal.

By getting your wisdom teeth removed, you can avoid the following issues:

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow and become impacted as a result. When impacted teeth arise, they can cause serious problems such as periodontal disease.


It is far harder to clean wisdom teeth, making them prone to cavities.


It’s common for bacteria to thrive in wisdom teeth sites and causes infections as a result.


Teeth that are severely impacted can eventually prompt the growth of tumors.

Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended in Early Adulthood?

When you are between the ages of 17 and 25 your roots have not completely formed and can be easily removed. If you wait until you are older to have your wisdom teeth removed, roots may develop and cause complications.

Waiting until you are older to get your wisdom teeth removed can also lead to a longer recovery time because the surgery will likely be more complicated. In addition, your chances of nerve damage increase.

Of course, you can undergo wisdom teeth removal as an adult. We simply recommend that you do it earlier in life if you are able to. Most dentists suggest getting them removed before those pesky roots develop.

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