Your Whitening Options For Destaining Your Smile

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If you were to view your teeth with the help of a powerful microscope, you would be able to see the tiny textures and pores in the surfaces of your tooth enamel. These microscopic areas can sometimes cause staining particles from your pigmented foods and beverages to become trapped, casing stains that can deeply penetrate the tooth enamel. The severity of your tooth stains will determine which option for teeth whitening offered by our dentists are most effective to whiten your smile.

One of the simplest and most popular ways to remove minor stains on the surface of your teeth is brushing with a whitening toothpaste or applying whitening strips. These commercial products contain hydrogen peroxide that only has enough potency to reduce minor staining on the surface of your teeth.

You can purchase a dental bleaching gel that contains more concentrated whitening agents than these strips and toothpastes. After pouring a small amount of the gel into a dental tray, you will wear it in your mouth for a certain amount of time to break down tooth stains.

If you have deeply stained tooth enamel, the whitening products sold in stores may not be enough to achieve your desired results. To remove stubborn dental stains, you can receive a professional tooth whitening treatment from our dentists, who have the training and professional techniques to provide the safest and most effective method to brighten your teeth.

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